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Quality Score for Broad Match

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Greetings Everyone, 


It is possible to receive an average Quality Score of "9" using broad match and broad match modifiers?


A rep from a large media company, that shall not be named, is claiming average QS of 9, but they are not reporting what type of keyword phrases such as phrase match type or exact match type. We do have some evidence that strongly suggests that only broad match is being used for this client. 


My experience is telling me something that something is wrong with this picture. I welcome your collective insights. 





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September 2016

Re: Quality Score for Broad Match

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Hi @Greg G,


The short answer is yes, it is possible. Possible and typical are at the opposite ends of the ruler for most. 


When a company states an average of XX, they are using a very general term to entice new business based on assumptions of past or existing clients. If a client does not believe them, they should ask for a report with their keywords and quality scores, not a sample report or sales slick. 


As for only using broad match, depending on the industry, type of campaigns, goals, budget, ect., it does not mean they are doing something wrong. There is much more to consider, overall. 


I would say that if a client is not comfortable with the actions or company performing them, more info should be sought and a meeting setup to better understand what is taking place and why. 


Kind Regards,



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Re: Quality Score for Broad Match

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Hi @Greg G


Just a short addition to what was said above by @James_Clemens. I started AdWords about 10 years ago and was one of the very first Top Contributors in the forum in the period 2008-14. Now I am taking the risk of erring in this post in case changes have meanwhile been implemented - though it is not very likely because that would have a huge impact on the main pillars of the entire building. 


Anyway, ever since the creation of the initial AdWords algorithms it used to be one of the fundamentals of the structure, one of the principal concepts that QS was calculated irrespective of the KW's matching option. In fact it used to be calculated only for the exact match type which value was then assigned to the other match types as well.


Of course, worldwide servers are not always real-time and not always sync-ed, that might be the reason why you occasionally may see different QS values. However, if you have the patience, you'll see that they will invariably get aligned at the end of the day.