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Quality Score down after one day.

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Hello All,


I am vicky from India. Currently i am makeing an ad on adwords for this landing page :


i used follwing keywords: seo services, seo services India, seo company, seo company india, seo consulting, seo experts india


When i add these keywords to my campaign. quality score was 6-7 for all these keywords and i got 70 click on one day. but next day my quality score gone 1-2 out of 10 for each of these keywords.


Google says :




Note: One more surprised thing is that. If i delete all these keywords and add again these keywords after 5-10 minutes. It shows 5-6 quality score immediately and ads showing YES. but after few minutes or as i refresh that page again quality score down to 1,2


Can anyone let me know the issue. What is going on ??????????? and what should i do.



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Re: Quality Score down after one day.

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Hello, Vicky.


Whenever you place new keyword in an ad group, the system gives it a starting QS, which is based (among others) on the historical performance of that keyword for other advertisers using it.


If you have no relevance or landing page issues starting at 7 is not uncommon. However, as your keyword is matched by search queries and your ads start to show, your performance begins to weigh more and more in the calculation of the QS. So if you get a low CTR compared to other advertisers, your QS degrades.


Also, if your account has a low historical CTR, that is also a big part in the calculation of your quality score.


Here's the link to the page explaining which are (some of) the factors that make up the quality score:


It's the most complex and important metric in AdWords, so complex and important that there is one whole book dedicated to it.


Can you tell us what the CTR of the keywords which show rapid degradation is?

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Hi Vicky,   In addition to great response from Calin (as...

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Hi Vicky,


In addition to great response from Calin (as always), I would like to stress on one point again i.e. The Quality Score of your keywords also depends on how other advertisers have been using it in the past in addition to your account performance.


Historical CTR plays the game. If your account's CTR has been low through out the time period, Quality Score will go down. Please note that it is not impossible to improve on your Quality score, but for that you need to clean up the basics, improve on your CTR, experiment, experiment and experiment with your keywords, their match types. Try different match types and see how they impact your CTR and later the QS. 


You could also optimize by separating out the low CTR keywords from high CTR keywords and further work on improving the low CTR ones.


I hope that your ultimate aim is ROI. So if by the end of the day you are gaining more leads/sales irrespective of how other metrics are, you shouldn't be much bothered about it.


Just a thought!