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Quality Score between Plural and Non Plural variations

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I noticed something weird today and was hoping to get feedback on it.

One of our *key* keywords has a quality score of 7/10, while its plural variation (with an 's') has a 10/10.


From the stats I think its really costing us, too. For instance, the plural version has a CTR of 3.24% and the singular version only has 0.83% (both over about 3500~4000 impressions.)


Can anyone shed some light on what could be causing this? Is there anything I can do (I mean, its an 's'!)


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Re: Quality Score between Plural and Non Plural variations

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Well... The plural version has a much higher CTR than the singular wouldn't that explain?

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Re: Quality Score between Plural and Non Plural variations

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I've experienced this before.


First, understand that QS is mainly a comparison of your click rate for that keyword to that of competitors using that same keyword. That means that your plural variation is doing better, comparatively speaking.


Why is that? You probably use the plural of the keyword in your ad. That will often make a difference. Note that QS of 7 is not all that bad.


What you can try is split the singular keywords into their own group with the keywords in the ad using the singular form. This might bring up your QS. Try different ads too. There may be a reason for the difference, a different intent or thinking between those using the singular vs the plural. Take advantage of that.


If the QS was 4 or 5 instead of 7, I'd still try splitting. But I'd also try to think if the singular is a proper keyword. Maybe what you're selling is a "plural" thing and the singular is just not profitable. At the very least, the advertising would need to be different, the more reason to split them into their own group.