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Quality Score and Keywords

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Hi everyone, 


I have a question, maybe you already had it here but I cant find it. 


As you see in the headline, it is about keywords and Quality Score. We are selling nespresso compatible coffee capsules and by some campaigns our quality score is quite low. Especially those one where we are bidding on nespresso, which does not suprise me, because we cant use nespresso in our ad text according to trademark rules and therefore is our ad relevance almost always under avarage (6/10). 


My question is, how we can improve ctr (the landing page experience is almost in all cases 8/10 - 10/10). I know that Google is looking at expected ctr and compares tha data with all our competitors. Therefore I wrote to Google Help and the guy told me that I should try to split the keyword matches  into more ad groups. 


I mean now we have very specific ad groups (nespresso capsules, buy nespresso capsules, nespresso pods, buy nespresso pods, cheap nespresso pods) but in every ad group I have a exact keyword [buy nespresso capsules] and broad match +buy +nespresso +capsules. However, the guy told that I have to do for every keyword a specific Ad Group - that means 

1.Adgroup Buy Nespresso Capsules - exact match

2. Adgroup Buy Nespresso Capsukes - broad match

By the first adgroup I shoul put into negatives the broad match and from the second adgroup I should put into the negatives the exact match. I hope it is clear Smiley Very Happy 


Do you thing that this is a good way to imrove the ctr? I mean to split the keywords like this?


Thanks for the answer, 


Quality Score and Keywords

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# 2
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Hi Veronika,


The first thing I want to point out is that you don't need to place negative keywords in the Ad Group with Exact Match. You only need to exclude the exact match from the second ad group.


The second thing, is that CTR is influenced a lot by the ad text. So be sure to write Text Ads with Dynamic Insertion


That being said, a way to organize your nespresso campaign is

Ad Group Nespresso Capsules [Exact Match] - here you put the exact match keywords

[nespresso capsules]

[nespresso arpegio] - you can even put a final URL on this keyword to send the visitor to that exact capsule.

[nespresso roma] - same



Ad Group Nespresso Capsules [Broad Match Modifier] - here you put the same keywords but on +broad +match. And you add the negatives (the exact match from above)

Ad Group Nespresso Pod [Exact Match]

Ad Group Nespresso Pod [Broad Match Modifier]

and so on


You don't need an ad group for Buy Nespresso Capsules or Buy Nespresso Pods, because the broad match modifier ad groups will cover them