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Quality Score Variation Between Keywords Not Understood

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I have following keywords:

1. +play +school - QS 7/10 - LPE Above Average

2. +play +school +near - QS  5/10 - LPE Average

3. +play +school +gurgaon - QS 3/10 - LPE Average

I wonder how this is?

Queries in ser 2 & ser 3 should get covered in ser 1. 

Ser 2 & ser 3 are long running keywords. 


Would any harm come if I removed keywords at ser 2 & ser 3?


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Quality Score Variation Between Keywords Not Understood

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The quality score is based on the exact match version of the keyword (regardless of the match type). So when it comes to quality score, think of them as:


[play school]

[play school near]

[play school guargaon]


Removing two and three won't matter because #1 should ideally pick up that search volume. Note: Keywords are the words you are bidding on. Search terms are the words the user searches with.


Each search term has a quality score you don't see unless you have that specific search term set as a keyword. In other words, #2 and #3 would not inherit the QS 7 of #1 just by removing them. They would still have QS 5 and QS 3, you just wouldn't see it.


I would check the search term report for each of those keywords and see if that specific search term is used often enough to be concerned with. If so, then I would try to figure out why the QS is low. Google recently added some additional QS columns you can add to get an idea.


Also by looking at the search term report, you might find there are search terms those keywords are picking you will want to add to your account. I specifically think that about #2 (if you are having any search volume) because people are most likely adding something after "near" instead of stopping there.


Hope that helped. 

Quality Score Variation Between Keywords Not Understood

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Yes, thanks a lot.