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Quality Score Issues - Can't Understand Why

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Hi Guys,


I have an account in which we're seeing low quality scores across a lot of our keywords despite healthy CTRs, relevantly constructed ad-copy and tight keyword control within areas that are directly related to our business.


I contacted Google about one particular example of this a while back and took their representative through the account, she agreed about the ad-copy relevance and complimented the account structure. We made one tweak that she thought might help with QS (grouping keywords to an even more granular level, i.e. splitting similar but differently spelt keywords like adviser and advisor into their own ad-groups) but that has also failed to have much impact. 


We use an array of ad extensions including callouts and sitelinks and despite Adwords saying the landing page experience is below average all engagement metrics from GA are very positive - last month we had a bounce rate of 2.5% from one of the main campaigns in question, with a healthy average time on site and strong conversion rate (although I know this particular metric as no direct relationship with QS).


The account in question uses one of the new gTLDs which is the first account I've worked with in which this has been the case. I'm starting to wonder if this might be having an impact although there is no rational reason why this could be the case. The other interesting factor is that despite Google giving us quality scores of as low as 2 or even 1, many of these keywords have an impression share in excess of 95%.


Has anyone else experienced problems with accounts using gTLDs?

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Re: Quality Score Issues - Can't Understand Why

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Hmm... This is interesting....
I would not correlate between the gTLD and the QS. There are verticals (e.g. Travel, insurance) in which it's hard to get a a QS above the average (QS is relative score). The interesting point in your case is that you have keywords which are as low as 1-2, far below the average. If the scenario was an average QS or a bit below (4-5) I would correlate / attribute it to a fierce  competition.... But with a QS of 1-2, it's a performance issue. My  first recommendation would be to to pause those keywords.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Quality Score Issues - Can't Understand Why

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QS is relative and you will be compared with your competitors. So even if you have healthy CTR and bounce rates, how does that compare with the industry in general, and your competitors.

I would look at competing ads, and their sites, for clues.

Google doesn't treat gTLDs any differently, however searchers are less familiar with them. In some industries not having a "www"in the display URL can affect CTR because some people see it as not proper. So gTLDs can affect CTR, just like hyphens in the domain or overly long domain names can.