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Quality Score/ CTR

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I gather that a major influence on the Quality Score is the click through rate. But how can you improve the CTR if your ads are only shown on say the second page (still counts as impressions). It seems to be a 'chicken and egg' syndrome

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Re: Quality Score/ CTR

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Hi Megan W,

Here is an interesting article for you written by our TC Kim regarding CTR.I think you would like to read this article.

Re: Quality Score/ CTR

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Hi Megan,

Welcome to the Adwords CommunitySmiley Happy

Quality Score (QS) is one the important matrix in Adwords that is calculated every time when a user searches a query in Google.
QS Depends on the mainly three factors:-
1.) Relevancy of your ad copy and landing page as well as keywords
2.)Click Through Rate
3.)Account History
Apart from this there is other factor of QS
The last two factors we cannot optimize as we decide the device and location as per goals of Advertising.

So please optimize the top three points
Please follow the below link for more information


--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Quality Score/ CTR

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Hi Megan,

First, impressions on page 2 are not counted unless the user actually goes to page 2 of the search results.

How do you get to the first page? Place a higher bid, make sure your ad copy is "compelling" so it will get a good CTR. And be sure the ad copy is relevant to the keyword--that will improve your CTR. Make small ad groups with appropriate ad copy.

Best of Luck!

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