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Quality Score- Ads Won't Show- Driving Me Mad! Help?

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Hello- I don't know what else to do. The setup is remarkably simple, and I don't know where else to turn except away from Google.


Any thoughts on why Google won't display my ads?



"Business Simulation"



Business Simulation

Business Simulation of your Company

Live a Day As Your CEO. Learn More.


Landing Page:


Quality score is 2 and Google won't show the ad.


Any thoughts or advice? The plural version has a quality score of 5 for everything that is exactly the same.



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Re: Quality Score- Ads Won't Show- Driving Me Mad! Help?

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First of all I see your ad.


i see it.JPG


Even though your quality score is a 2, and the it may say Rarely Shows Due to Quality score, doesn't mean it never shows.  Are you getting impressions?


When you do a Ad preview what is shown, you may getting a Broad match version taking the query, because it is a better match due to quality and ad rank.


If you have one term that your want to be shown over another, then adjust the bids to "sculpt" which term you want displayed. by bidding more for the one over the other.


With the  QS 2, what are you getting the low quality score for, ?

, the components of Quality Score that you see in your account -- expected clickthrough rate (CTR),ad relevance, and landing page experience, each with a descriptive estimate such as "average" or "above average" -- also don't consider auction-time factors.


Work on the aspects to improve the quality score.  In your example with "  " it seems you are meaning Phrase Match.  Sometimes some of the other match versions have a better "expected QS" and therefor will always  "outweigh" other terms in QS.


Main thing is to work on improving QS, or Leave as it, or Increase bid, or work on the "sculpting" aspects so that one term is not taking all the impressions over another similar term.  


But it does appear that your ad is showing



Re: Quality Score- Ads Won't Show- Driving Me Mad! Help?

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Hi Eric and thank you for taking the time to provide a thorough response.

I'm glad its showing up. Its showing zero impressions on my side, but something I've noticed the reporting is behind.

I am going to adjust the bids a little to 'sculpt' as you suggestion. The nice thing is the this set of ads is so targeted, it makes sculpting a little easier.

Thanks again!