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QS score went up high then crashed down?

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I recently made a few changes to some kw to see if i could improve the qs of them, so i altered them slightly and some went straight up to 10, some to 9 some didnt change. Now i know that those new high scores wouldnt stay like that for long but it seems that many that went high have now dropped to way below what they were originally.


And even altering them back to how they were, the qs still stays low.


Do any of you have any experience of why this happens?



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Re: QS score went up high then crashed down?

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Hi ripleyhypno,


Quality Score (QS) is dynamic in nature and it is calculated everytime the user enters the query and is matched with your keyword inside the account. 


Few things to look for :


Look at the current and past CTR of your keywords with low QS. If most of the times CTR was low and not up to the expectations as required by Google, then this could be a strong indicator of this low quality score. You might consider introducing new keywords or variations after seeing the data.


When you hover mouse over the speech bubble of individual keyword, it will show you the main 3 ingredients stauts i.e. expected CTR, ad relevance and Landing page experience. Chances are that these metrics might not be in accordance with how Google evaluates QS and you need to reconsider your strategy to work on them.


I would suggest you to look at the search terms and see how many times user's search query is matched exactly with your keywords irresepctive of the keyword match type you are using. If you try to work on it and make sure that majority of times, it is exactly matching, your CTR would improve and you can expect the QS to also improve gradually.


Look at the max. bid which you have set and make sure they are competitive enough to start with so that when you start optimizing your account, you should pay less for a click and hence your QS improves in near future.


I would encourage you to follow the best practices mentioned in this article for more details.


Let us know if that helps!