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QS of active KW's in paused ad groups/campaigns

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Hi guys,


Does anyone know if poorly performing keywords which are within paused ad groups or campaigns but still set to enabled can have a determental impact on QS? 


Should I make sure all keywords in paused ad groups or campaigns are paused at keyword level as well?


Thanks for any help Smiley Happy



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September 2015

Re: QS of active KW's in paused ad groups/campaigns

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 As long as the keyword isn't triggering any ads i.e. if the campaign, ad group or keyword itself is paused, , its QS will also be paused and remain static until it starts generating clicks again.


Re: QS of active KW's in paused ad groups/campaigns

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Hi LauraBbum,


It not necessary to pause the keywords in a paused group. It makes no difference whether the AdGroup or Campaign is paused or deleted in terms of effect on your active keywords QS.


All of your account history is included in the account score, but more weight is placed on recent performance. At some point, and we don't know how long that window is, those paused/deleted keywords will no longer affect the QS of your current keywords.


Best of Luck!




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