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QS of 3 /10, One Keyword in Campaign, Super related Ads & Landing Page

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I've been doing Adwords from quite a long time , I do have an iunteresing question - I want to split test the budget and decided to have an exact term per campaign with a set budget. The ads I wrote are super good ( all call to actions, keywords, & relevancy included ). Landing page is even better. I still get 3/10 in QS. Moreover, I am the only one advertising that keyword so regardless of bid I should be on top of page. However I see my ads sometimes and sometimes I dont & when I see it , I see it at bottom left - end of first page.

What else can I do to overcome this ?


Any ideas - thanks for help in advance.



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Re: QS of 3 /10, One Keyword in Campaign, Super related Ads & Land

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Hi Micku,


Sorry to hear that you are having QS problems. Ratcheting up the bids may help, but you mentioned you are the only person advertising on this keyword. Maybe you can send us screen shots of your landing page and we can make some suggestions. 


Do take into account that QS is set at the keyword level, at the campaign level etc. I tool I like to use to check my account's weighted quality score is one by Wordstream and the tool is free -


If your keywords have low QS you may want to find long tail opportunities ie. you are advertising on the word "dentist miami" add words such as +general +dentsit +downtown +miami. 


Remember that there are a few other things that Google takes into account when ranking QS such as account history, past click through rate, geographic performance etc. Please see image below


Calculating quality score in AdWords.png

I hope this is helpful.




Stefan T Martinez


Stefan Martinez
-- Not an AdWords expert, just a student eager to learn more...

Re: QS of 3 /10, One Keyword in Campaign, Super related Ads & Land

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Hi Micku, CTR - both current and historical, is a big factor in Quality Score so if you've only just created these new Keywords it's possible they haven't yet accrued enough data to have a QS of their own that's more accurate.


Bear in mind also that relvancy within the Ad Group is important.


As for being the "only one advertising that keyword", this is an interesting statement.  If you are not seeing any other Ads triggering on this Keyword this is likely because other advertisers have found the Keyword ineffective or not financially efficient and this in itself could well result in a low Quality Score.  In short, not seeing any other Ads and having a low Quality Score are probably linked.  Many advertisers become excited at the idea that they may be the only person advertising so should have a "clear field" but in truth this, and the low Quality Score, is usually Google's way of telling you that advertising on this term is likely to be inefficient.


As for being the only bidder, therefore you should be on the top of the page, that's not how this works.  Achieving a position on top of the SERPs requires certain conditions to be fufilled and, again, one of those is a good Quality Score.


To sum up, if you think you're the only person advertising, and have a Quality Score of 3/10, there's probably a reason that might indicate it'll be difficult to get this term working well.



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