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QS and landing page relevance

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Our landing page relevance shows below average. We added relevant content, alt tags, proper use of heading tags. To give user a more relevant and useful experience. But after optimising, its still showing below average. What to do now?
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Re: QS and landing page relevance

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Hi Kamran,

Landing Page Relevance is not attached to the Landing Page content only. It's also an link between your Ads & Keywords. Your page have to make sense and have a connection with your Ads and Keywords.

So maybe one point to optimize is to create and separate your keywords into smaller and more contextualized AdGroups, so you can give more focused Ads for them.

This page below have everything you need to understand Landing Page experience and how to improve your LP:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: QS and landing page relevance

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Hi @Kamran A;

Honestly,  this is one of the "mysterious metrics" in AdWords.

If your landing page follows the guidelines for landing page experience, I really don't think you should put much effort into improving to the landing page. I have seen poor pages getting high grades and excellent pages getting an average... Smiley Surprised

I would focus on the predominant component of QS - the CTR. All other parameters have much lesser weight (compared to CTR)  in the overall calculation of QS

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: QS and landing page relevance

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Hi Kamram,

The easiest way to to improve your quality score is to organize your campaign the same way your site is organized.
Site Category1 = Adgroup >> Ad 1 (keywords for category 1)
Site Category2 = Adgroup >> Ad2 ...
Site Category3 = Adgroup >> Ad3 ...
Site Category4 = Adgroup >> Ad4 ...
Site Category5 = Adgroup >> Ad5 ...

This way your site content will match your keywords automatically and not be diluted by google detecting content from other categories.
The wrong way to do it:
Adgroup >> Ad = keywords for( Category 1, Category 2, Category 3, Category 4, Category 5)

The key here is to specific.

Other improvements include:
Improving site performance:
Making it mobile friendly for mobile traffic.
Having the relevant content above the fold
Lastly (title tag, meta description etc.)

10/10 is possible if your setup is specific Smiley Very Happy