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Purpose of traffic estimator service

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I have some difficulties in understanding the purpose of the traffic estimator service.

Can be used to check what would be the performace of an existing adGruop on the GDN when I modify my placements and maxCPC? Or is rather intent in a planning phase to check the hypoteitical performace of a certain planned adGroup?



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Re: Purpose of traffic estimator service

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The keyword planner (which includes the traffic estimator) is a "sandbox" for the "search network"
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Re: Purpose of traffic estimator service

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Hi Luca,

The Traffic Estimator gives you how new ideas of keywords would perform within your budget limit. I have often used this tool to add new keywords to my campaign. However, it is advisable that one has to be ensure with the match types that he/she planning to estimate within this tool. For me, I have often seen drastic differences between the results when I switched the match types. The tool is more targeted towards providing you an idea on how your keywords would perform. This is an ideal solution to get real insights on clicks, impressions within your budget. So if you wish to find right keywords that can help you get maximum ROI within your budget. Then this tool is for you.

I hope this helps.

Kapil M