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Promotional Advertising Campaigns

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Hello all you awesome Adwords Gurus,


I recently had a discussion in regards how to market multiple promotions and would love to hear a professional opinion.


Question: If I have 3 promotions to market, is it more efficient to put them in one campaign with adgroups per promotion or is it more efficient to create a campaign per promotion to optimize the spend? 


One argument is that a single campaign with multiple adgroups will only spend the budget on the best performing adgroup and limit potential for the rest of the promotions. What are your thoughts?



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Re: Promotional Advertising Campaigns

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That is a fair argument to make. One of the biggest advantages to having things under 1 campaign is conversion optimizer. You will help your campaign zero in on what is working quicker by having everything under 1 roof.

That said. If the 3 promotions are vastly different in what you are offering and have no correlation with each other then separate campaigns would make sense. If you are marketing on different URLS then it's case closed, different campaigns will be required.

From a management point of view, it tends to be a lot easier to manage 1 campaign with multiple adgroups then it does with 3 campaigns with 1 adgroup each.

I don't think their is an absolutes here.

In the end ROI is the end goal.

Re: Promotional Advertising Campaigns

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@David W;

AdWords is about targeting the relevant audience to the service or product you promote.

 As much as you can tailor a campaign to a targeted audience (whether language, Geo are, gender.,)  by a customized landing page, tailor ad-copy, and tailored promotion - the better.

That means, though, that it is much work to do.


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Re: Promotional Advertising Campaigns

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Hi David W,

The main difference is in budget control. If you wish each of the promotions to have their own budget, each should be a separate campaign.

In reference to Jacob's statement, "If you are marketing on different URLS then it's case closed, different campaigns will be required," that's just not true. It might be a good idea, but it is not required. Each keyword within an ad group can link to a different landing page. The restriction is you can not mix top-level domains within the same ad group.

If the three promotions will likely use the same or similar keywords, there's a bit more to consider. With separate campaigns you may need a longer negative keyword list to exclude hits that should be going to other campaigns.

If you run 3 campaigns, it might be a bit easier to manage multiple ad groups for the individual promotions.

All that said, budget is still the major factor in your decision. If you want each promotion to have it's own budget, separate campaigns is the only way to do that, and it's what I would recommend given the brief description of your situation.

Best of Luck1

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