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Product listing Ads impressions went away

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I created a product listing ad a few days ago. Within 1 or 2 days I started seeing impressions and a few clicks.


I continued to add more listing with product specific targets, and for the past 3 days there have been no impressions or anything. The last activity was 10 Jul 2012, and we still have some of the same product keywords that originally created the impressions.


I'm concerned the product listing ad system is not responding or generating correctly because my impressions just stopped?


Our product feed is good and we've had it running for months, and there are no other problems we are aware of.


I've read on other posts of people having the same issues with no activity/impressions etc., and am beginnning to belive this new system is not ready to be used.

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Re: Product listing Ads impressions went away

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Here's a prime example as to why this product listing ad system doesn't appear to be working?


I have a keyword, which has a QS of 10/10. It's bid puts it on the first page.


Yet when I run Ad Preview and Diagnostics, it is not found and google reposrts it is not showing ads?



Explain this ole Google Guru's

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Re: Product listing Ads impressions went away

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Hi Gregc, 


Thanks for your post. 


Product Listing Ads don't actually run on the basis of keywords. So if you've been using the Ad Preview Tool to try and see where your product listing ads are running, this won't give you any accurate information, as keywords are not used to trigger the product listing ads in the first place.


Rather than using keywords to target your ads, when users type in terms into Google that match the terms with which you described your products in the Merchant Centre your product listing ads will be eligible to show. 


You can narrow down the products that you want to appear in certain ad groups by using different auto targets. For example instead of using 'All Products' as an auto target, you could use 'Brand' as a target and specify a type of brand that you have in your Merchant Centre feed. In this case only terms that people type into Google that surround this particular brand will trigger your product listing ads to show. 


Hope this helps!



Re: Product listing Ads impressions went away

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Ok thanks for explaining..Strange that Google offers keywords for product listing ads when they are irrelevant..


I do have my product listing setup using product type and brand..conditions..


I started seeing a few impressions and 1 click since yesterday so maybe it was just Or someone did something behind the scenes..