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Product Listing Ads

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Hello All,


I created the Product listing ADs Campaign in my account.I know that ,no keywords required to run the PLA campaign.

But if we created the keywords in the adgroups it will affect or rejunuate the ads!!! Explain Me?

I mean It(keywords) will work or Not!


Thanks in advance....

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Re: Product Listing Ads

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Straight from Google:


"Instead of keywords, product listing ads use product targets to determine when items in your Google Merchant Center account appear on a search results page. Defining keyword lists for proactive targeting won’t have any effect on your product listing ads or product targets at this time. However, you can use negative keywords to limit the queries for which your product listings will show. Negative keywords can be applied at the ad group or campaign level."


Find more


Recommended source:


Zee (community manager) Posted this few days back, Indeed a great resource!


hope it helps!




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