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Product Listing Ads - directing traffic for generic search terms

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I have four almost identical products, the difference being each is in a different colour. I want Google to select the red as the PLA to display, when a more generic search of the products name is made ie toy drum.


I am looking for a way to ensure 1 product is shown over another, when they are both very similar in Title and Feed description, and the Search term is fairly generic. An example would be search term - toy drum - and I have 4 of them in my feed. How do i tell Google to show 1 particular SKU, when it is actually selecting a different one.(with a stronger CTR history).


I have tested using negative KWs but this can result in all impressions being lost.

The only solution that has had partial success has been to create a ad group with the the product id of the suppressed item, down bid it to a penny above the All Products auto target, and then negativise it with appropriate KWs. I have left it for a couple of weeks and whilst PLA impressions for those negative KWs can initially dry up, Google slowly picks up the preferred product. I can then remove the negatives from the former product.

This is far from ideal and I am very cautious as to the impact on Traffic, when negativising a particular product id.


Does anyone have any advice.





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Re: Product Listing Ads - directing traffic for generic search terms

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Hi Ian,

I don't know if this will work for certain. What if you pulled the red toy drum into its own ad group and bid higher than for the other colors? That would give it a higher ad rank when the query is toy drum. If a color were included in the query, the drum of that color will be a closer match and should get the higher ad rank.

The ad with the higher ad rank should get the impression.

Best of Luck!

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