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Product Listing Ads - directing generic search terms

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I have PLA Targets of Brands combined with Category, as well as a Brand target. The former has the higher bid but for generic search terms I dont want this target picking them up, but rather the cheaper Brand one Would negative keywords in the higher bid target direct this more general traffic down to the Brand Target?


Similarly, if I negativise the Brand Target, will these terms still be able to trigger a PLA for a product of that brand but in the All Products target?


Any advice on PLAs and directing Generic terms Traffic would be greatly appreciated.








these terms down to the brand target

Re: Product Listing Ads - directing generic search terms

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Hi there,


Yes negative keywords based on search terms work well with PLA as described here . You need to have 3 separate ad groups for your 3 enumerated targets in order for the ad group negative keywords to work.

Use keywords lists and assign each of those lists as negatives, it is easier. Also read from here for recommended strategies for PLA.


As a sidenote, PLA picks up keywords to match the search terms using product Titles and Descriptions, you can also tweak those to obtain different traffic.