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Price Extensions and Currency

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Hi Everyone,


I want to try out price extensions but have a question that I've found no answer for..


My campaign ads run in multiple english speaking countries, with different currencies. (Canada, US, UK, etc.) One campaign, multiple countries.

If I add a price extension to the ads in this campaign, and the price extension was set in US dollars - what happens?


Does Adwords show the US$ price extension in all countries?

Do they show the US$ price extension in the US only, and omit it in other countries?

Does it show the US$ price extension in the US, and the same price extension but converted to the local currency in other countries?


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Price Extensions and Currency

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Why not segment the campaigns by geo?


Re: Price Extensions and Currency

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I currently run about 13 campaigns, some with well over 50 adgroups.
Years ago I segmented by country, but it was too much to manage
effectively. Partly because of sheer volume, and partly because some of
those campaigns attracted a low number of conversions which made cost of
conversion difficult to track.
In order for me to scale up my business I need to have them together. My
service site is worldwide.

Price Extensions and Currency

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There is no automatic currency conversion for price extensions. So, the only way to get the proper price extension to show for country currency is to isolate by country.


If the goal is to grow your business, then what are the most profitable countries you currently target? Each country is going to have a different marketplace on top of different currencies and exchange rates. You may experience more growth and a better return on ad spend by investing first and foremost in the most profitable markets. You may find that some audiences just aren't interested in purchasing outside of their home country, even if you offer a better value than local competitors. 


Price Extensions and Currency

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Hi Tom,

So your answer rules out my scenario where google would display a converted currency. But I'm still not sure what will happen if I add a USD price extension to my campaigns.. Will it only show in the US, or will it be shown in all the countries that my campaign targets?

If it only shows in the US, due to being in US currency, I would be very happy to give it a whirl.



I know which of the countries I target is most profitable, and I do focus on that market foremost. (I have been running adwords for the same niche for over 14 years.) In my case, exposure in my preferred market is not limited by adding in other countries, mainly because my campaigns have a limitless budget. My traffic is not restricted by budget, but by ROI only. (If a geo region underperforms it has a bid adjustment applied to it.)


Anyway, really just want to know how these price extensions function in multi-country campaigns. Not looking to restructure at this time.

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Re: Price Extensions and Currency

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as to price-extensions and currency/language/country --

generally, only one currency per country will be shown

a properly corresponding price-extension.


as to the specific questions in the original-post:

(1) usd-price-extensions are not shown in all countries;
(2) usd-price-extensions show only in the u.s.;
(3) google does not convert price-extensions to local-currencies.

first, the price/currency/language within the ad must match the

price/currency/language displayed on the landing-page -- or is

otherwise a policy violation.

for example, showing usd in the ad, but cad on the landing-page, is not allowed.


this is typically accomplished using directories/folders or url-parameters; e.g.
for larger companies/budgets, separate top-level domains may be a viable option.

price-extensions show most often on mobile devices --
be certain the landing-page is optimized for mobile.

the price-extension must be set for each country's proper currency
to show and will only be shown within that specific target-country.

generally, assuming the ad and landing-page meet the policies, google shows
extensions that google's automated machine-learning algorithms predict will
help improve performance -- only people within a country that also matches a
corresponding currency/language will be shown that matching price-extension.

Price Extensions and Currency

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first, you're welcome.

(1) yes, that sounds correct -- the one minor caveat is if the price-extension
were created during google's beta-introduction time frame of price-extensions;
then, that specific ad may show in multiple countries.

(2) for the goal of memberships, a different extension may be a better fit --
such as, a sitelink or callout extension, or possibly a message-extension.

(3) price-extensions are mainly designed to highlight a specific product,
service, or possibly a product-category-page -- with appropriate prices.

a product must be in stock and the landing-page must show accurate pricing.

yes, promising a product or service with a price/currency requires that that
product or service be available with that price/currency on the landing-page --
or may otherwise be flagged with an unavailable-offer policy violation.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies.


see also


Price Extensions and Currency

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Sorry to dredge this post up again, but I discovered something in your answer that is incorrect.

You say "usd-price-extensions show only in the u.s.", and "the price-extension must be set for each country's proper currency
to show and will only be shown within that specific target-country", but as a Canadian using, I am seeing lots of price extensions in my industry displaying US dollars. So, while I can see that Google does not do conversion, they have nothing preventing US dollar extensions showing in countries that don't use that currency.


With further research, I have also found that of all the other businesses in my industry using price extensions for membership pricing, none are linking those extensions to a page that displays such pricing. All price extension links go to a join form page with no pricing, which I believe makes sense when we are selling site membership where prices only apply if the user wants to upgrade beyond the free membership, at a later time. So it seems, at least in these cases, Google's approval of price extensions do not require the pricing to be shown on those specific landing pages.

Just thought I'd point that out here in case anyone else is seeking these answers. Smiley Happy

Price Extensions and Currency

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first, thank you for the updated information.

note that simply because a search-term triggers an ad
does not necessarily mean that the ad is following all
the policies or that a person at google has approved
the ad or landing-page -- google may disapprove an
ad or suspend a site or advertiser, at any time.

the applicable misrepresentation policies generally apply to price-extensions.

of course, google is the final arbiter of all policies.