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Prevent overlapping among adgroups

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I am running a travel campaign and having two quite similar ad groups - the 1st one is a KW set of two destinations and the 2nd group is a KW set of these 2 destinations and adding one more place eg:

Group 1: +thailand +cambodia +tours

Group 2: +thailand +cambodia +laos +tours

I have massive negative keyword lists and I am using broad and broad modified matches. The search terms are very relevant but there is a quite high ratio of search terms in the 2nd group including only thailand and cambodia, for instance.


I really dont want to switch to phrase or exact match as they are too narrow and I have seen a big drop in conversions. Am I messing up with the matches?! I strongly appreciate any idea to help me figure out the better way. 


Thanks in advanced.


Prevent overlapping among adgroups

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Hey Mai,


just broad match can do a lot of things to your keywords, which can completely change the meaning of the word. You could just stick with the modified broad match to assure all words with modifier has to appear(or close variants) in search query.

Then just add laos as negative keywords to group 1 and you should be fine.