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Predicting Conversions and CPA

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The company I work for is planning on increasing spend for one of our brands. 

I've been running Adwords campaigns for this brand for a few months, and they would like to get a prediction of what increase we would see in number of conversions, assuming I could double the budget, and at different CPA levels ($200 vs $300 for example)


I've never had to do this type of prediction, how would you go about doing this?

Just to clarify, none of my campaigns are limited by budget at the moment. There are campaigns with low IS, but this is due to rank (mainly low bids). QS is good for most of them.

Since they are willing to increase the CPA target, I will be able to increase bids for some KWs and get a higher IS. 


But how can I put this down in numbers?

I thought of using the 'Est. add. clicks/wk (+50% bid)' column, and multiplying the incremental clicks by average CVR to get expected conversions, but in most cases it's showing me very few additional expected clicks. 

What else can I do?





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Re: Predicting Conversions and CPA

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Hi there;
Google does that for you with the bid simulator and based on your past campaign performances:
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