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Portfolio Bid Strategies

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Hello all, 


I'm working on an account that contains duplicate campaigns for various countries or groups of countries. For example we have 15 different campaigns targeting different sets of keywords. These campaigns are then duplicated and targeted to UK, Europe 1 (8 largest countries in EU), Europe 2 (all other EU countries) and UAE. 


I'd like to test smart bidding so a portfolio strategy seems logical. The CPA goal is the same across all campaigns / countries but is it best to setup a portfolio for each country / group of countries or just have 1 portfolio for all campaigns? 


I guess the question is whether the difference in locations will skew the smart bidding system in any way? 

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February 2017

Portfolio Bid Strategies

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Hey Todd, 


It's a matter of how hands on you want to be. The answer here is one more of personal opinion - that being said I believe that despite how powerful AdWord's machine learning can be - there is usually not one answer fits all. 


Meaning that (in my personal opinion) you'll get less effective results if you apply a blanket portfolio bid strategy across all of your campaigns. 


A good question to ask is: What is my CPA and Conv. Rate between countries? Or even campaigns? If there is a large disparity then a single, blanket portfolio bid probably isn't the best idea. If they are very similar in results then it might be appropriate. 


Hope this helps! 

- Josh

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