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Popular Keyword Eating All The Budget -- Help

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I'm new to using adwords and came across a bit of a problem.


We're a small plumbing business based in a region in Scotland - I've managed to set up the campaigns geo location fine so that's good. But the problem is, my main keyword 'Plumbers' has an expensive cost per click and is gobbling up all the daily budget with a couple of clicks - so we're probably only appearing on google for a couple of hours.. if that. 


Options I'm stuck between:


1. Increase Budget

The obvious choice but I'm not sure if increasing the daily budget (within our allowance) will really make a difference so reluctant to just fling money at it. 


2. Remove/Amend Keyword

I'm more tempted to try this option, but at the same time I know a lot of people probably just type 'Plumbers' instead of 'Plumber in Fife' etc. Other keywords I currently have running like '+Local +Plumber' don't appear to be getting a look in cause the budget just disappears so it's difficult to tell whether should focus on them.


Any suggestions/advice would be great. 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Popular Keyword Eating All The Budget -- Help

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Hi Ashely,


In your case, I would look into search term report for Selected keyword plumbers and will see what are search terms are getting clicks and conversions. 


If there are queries getting only clicks and eating budget and are non-relevant I would add them as negative, but if in case such queries are relevant I would add them in separate ad groups and test few new specific ad copy. If still those keywords won't work - would prefer to pause those.


Also I would add converting relevant search queries as my keyword either in exact or in phrase match. Depends on keyword and stats associated.


Single-word keyword plumber is very broad to use and will attract lot of irrelevant searches, I would highly recommend to check SQR and see what keyword variations are working for you. And try to create variations of those keywords.


How about bids? Match Types? Are you usinf cross adgroup negative keywords?


I prefer to create a new campaign altogether. Bifurcate ad groups into different campaigns, so that you can allot different budget to different themes of keywords. If at all you plan to bifurcate campaigns, do use cross campaign negative keywords to avoid conflict.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have follow up questions.





Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Popular Keyword Eating All The Budget -- Help

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Hi Ashley,

I would consider separating "Plumbers" out to it's own campaign so that you can set a specific budget for it and dedicate a budget for the remaining keywords. Like NehaGupta recommended, I would also add a lot of negative terms and use the search query report to see what terms are matching because you may want to also add them as positive keywords.

If you do separate "plumbers" into it's own campaign, be sure to add all of your other keywords in the other campaign as negatives in the new "plumbers" campaign so that it doesn't wind up getting search queries mapped to it that should be mapping to other keywords (this may already be happening).

How does the keyword perform in terms of conversions and engagement? With a head term keyword, I would just be a little bit careful because although it has the propensity to spend more than other terms it is likely higher funnel traffic than some of your long-tail terms.

Hope this helps!
Amy Bishop