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Placement-targeted campaign

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Hi guys...would you please help me out with the answer? I remember this question from my first google Adwords fundamental exam...Robot Mad


"What is the best practice for setting up a placement-targeted campaign?"

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September 2015

Re: Placement-targeted campaign

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Welcome to the AdWords community forum Smiley Happy


If you are preparing for the AdWords fundamentals exam, you can use the learning centre and the certification help centre. There is also the AdWords help centre.


If you wish to learn some best practices when setting up placement targeting campaigns, please see the following help articles-


About managed placements

Placement targeting best practices

Managed placements

Add, edit or delete managed placements


Here is also an article about automatic placements (contextual targeting)-


Keyword contextual targeting


You will be able to answer any questions on placement targeting after reading these pages and also, after applying your learnig by logging into your account and using what you have learned :-)


Wishing you the best of luck with your study and exam!


Kind regards