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Placement Exclusions

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I have two questions regarding placement exclusions. Please read my questions carefully before responding.


1. How do I download thousands of excluded placements (not lists) directly from the adwords online interface without having to go through the Adwords Editor tool?


2. How do I add excluded placemets directly from my Placements tab (Edit>Exclude)to the my Campaign Placement Exclusion Lists without having to copy and paste each one and add them manually?

Re: Placement Exclusions

Community Manager
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Community Manager
Hi Arifx,

1. There's not an export functionality in the interface for excluded campaign/ad group placements. You can, however, view 500 rows of placements, so you might be able to copy/paste them for whatever purpose you need them for.

2. When you're selecting multiple placements you want to exclude, you can only add them to your campaign/ad group exclusions, and not to an exclusion list. That said, I'm going to pass along this feedback, as well as your above idea to our product team, to let them know about these feature requests.

Hope that helps!