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Phrase/Exact duplicates.

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I was wondering whether or not this is a duplicate?


"blue bike"
"bike blue"


Since its phrase, it should count as two different search terms? Adwords editor lists them as duplicates, but the more i try to find a solution on different forums, the more in doubt I get.


The same goes for exact:

[blue bike]

[bike blue]


Hope you can help me out and thanks in advance.


Best regards


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September 2015

Re: Phrase/Exact duplicates.

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Hello Anders A, Welcome to the Community


My guess is that you have selected a non-default setting in the duplicates window, more specifically "word order -==> second setting, Any word order " like in the picture bellow.

This would make the AdWords Editor report those keywords as duplicates , while they are not normaly duplicates.


Your phrase and exact match keywords are not duplicates. A duplicate means a different keyword that can get triggered by the same search term. In your case both pairs of keywords cannot be triggered by the same search term. 



Re: Phrase/Exact duplicates.

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Hi Adrian B


Thanks for your fast reply.


I guess that the function is only usable for broad keywords then?

Re: Phrase/Exact duplicates.

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Yes for broads it can be useful in finding duplicates, although AdWords editor doesn't differentiate between +blue +shoes and blue shoes, the BMM and the simple broad, so a manual check on the duplicates is required. Do not remove 100 suggested duplicates in a click before checking their different performances Smiley Happy


For this I suggest downloading the statistics also, it is a different type of data not downloaded by default, yet it is  described here :