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Phone Extensions Vs. Call Metrics

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I'm still trying to wrap my head around the complexities of Phone Extensions and Call Metrics. Am I correct in my over simplified assumptions that:

A) Phone Extensions are only eligible to show for mobile devices.

B) Call Metrics require a Google Voice phone number.


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User Pankaj replied:



Call metrics are the parameters which you can see (only a bulk of US advertisers currently) in the adwords account in addition to the normal matrices. These are call received, calls missed, avg. time of the call etc... If it is enabled, Google assigns a custom phone number to your account and you will see it in the Ad along with other text on Google Network.
However, in case of phone extensions if you don't enable the call metrics, Google will not assign a custom number to your ad. Rather high end mobile devices like iPhone, iPad etc.. will see a clickable number which they can directly call while seeing the Google Ad.
I hope it makes sense!

Re: Phone Extensions Vs. Call Metrics

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Mini - You are mostly correct.


Call Metrics do require a Google number. That part was correct.


However, Phone extensions can be displayed on more than just mobile. With the adoption of Skype, many people can actually call from their computers if you have a phone number in your ad. You have to opt into using Google's forwarding number, which costs typically $1 USD per call. *If you want to use your personal business phone number rather than Google's, you will be restircted to showing on mobile smart phones only.


Here are two helpful resources from Google: