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Phase keywords convert but cost per conversion too high - ideas?

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Hi, I have multiple "phrase" keywords that convert but the cost per conversion is too high. I'm looking for some suggestions on what I can do here. Some ideas I thought of are:


* use the searched keyword report to try and find out the search query of the phrase keyword that converted, then launch it

* use google suggest to find other keyword variations that include this phrase (of keyword that converted) and launch these keywords to try and find the keyword/keywords that converts

* Average position is 4-6 so not sure anything I can do there with bids


Also wondering if I should "peel and stick" these words into their own campaign?


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Tks, Ken



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Re: Phase keywords convert but cost per conversion too high - ideas?

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Hi Ken,

Great question.

Yes use the searched keyword or "search terms report" to identify new keywords that you can add to the account. You may want to create new groups for keywords if they break the relevance with your adcopy in the group you are analyzing....all about keeping things relevant Smiley Happy

You can also use this same report to identify keywords you want to exclude your ads from appearing for. Adding Negative keywords (which you can do right from the search terms report) is a great way to remove wasted spend and in turn improve your cost per conversion.

The Keyword Planner is also an option to identify new keywords. Google provides an estimate of cpc's so you can identify keywords that will be able to give you a positive ROI.

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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Re: Phase keywords convert but cost per conversion too high - ideas?

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Hi Ken,

As Kim mentioned it's always good to use the search query report to identify the exact terms that have led to a conversion so you can then add them to the account and also add in negatives to prevent spending on irrelevant terms.

Not specific to your phrase terms, but a couple of other things you could look into to help reduce your cost per conversion are:

- if you have more than one ad copy take a look and see if one of the ads has a cheaper cost per conversion than the others, pause the higher cost per conversion ads and add in a new creative to test against the good performing ad, maybe just changing one element of the good performing ad

- Take a look at the time of day that you get conversions, it might be worth reducing your bids (using bid multipliers) or turning your ads off at times of the day that don't convert and putting your money into the times that do (just be wary of turning your ads off depending on what your business is as users might be doing research at certain times and converting later on)

Hope this helps and you manage to bring that cost per conversion down Smiley Happy

Head of Bid Media | RocketMill