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Performance of Remarketing Campaign

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Hi Guys,


My Query is regarding performance of remarketing campaigns.


My business is related to software and mobile app development and target region is US. To target visitors of my website, i have set up the remarketing campaigns containing two type of Ad Groups:


1. Targeting visitors and converters of the site


2. Targeting Affinity Audience: under this given below are the settings
     1. Targeted Audience - 35 to 65+
     2. Targeting:
         a. Affinity Audiences are technophilies & Business Professionals
         b. Excluded Ads on mobile apps.
         c. added keywords related to services we offer.


Its been 15 days and I got only 773 clicks out of 1,243,318 impressions and converted only one click. So far it has consumed over 1,550 dollars.


It seems i have been burning money just for impressions.


So guys please help me in understanding about what is wrong with this. How I can optimize this campaign or what should i expect from remarketing campaigns.

Performance of Remarketing Campaign

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Hello Ankit,


It's tough to say what the exact issue could be without seeing the account, but here are some areas you may want to look at.


- Under the Display tab in the interface, look at adding placement and category exclusions depending on the data you're seeing. We have no control of where the user goes after they leave your site, but we see certain sites or apps which are wasting a lot of money and getting no engagement, you can exclude them from your campaign.

- Look into implementing negative remarketing (or campaign audience exclusions). You mentioned you're showing ads to users who've already converted. If you already have them as a lead, you can stop showing them the ad and make sure you're using the budget to users who have not converted yet.

- Look into creating more specific audiences using Google Analytics. I wrote a blog on a few options you have (, but the options are almost endless. With GA audiences, you can create audiences to exclude users who were on your site for less than a minute. This would get rid of the non-engaged users seeing your ad. You can also create audiences for various session durations, mobile devices, and even event tracking. This will allow you to create more specific audiences which will allow you to create more specific remarketing ads for each audience.

- Last, look at frequency capping. Find out where user engagement is dropping off in your frequency columns to give you info to add view limits on your remarketing ads.


I hope some of this helps!