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Peel & Sticking Keywords

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Good morning, 


I've been running a Home Improvement Loan campaign for some time now and have used the peel and stick method on different campaigns with decent success. I wanted to get some opinions on using this method for a particular Ad Group I have set up. 


The Ad Group is for Home Improvement Loans. Under that group I have Keywords that are similar, but could potentially succeed as their own Group. However, I don't want the keywords to not execute properly with other Ads showing for similar keywords. To break it down, below is small sample of keywords under the Home Improvement Loans Group:

1. Home Improvement Loans 

2. Home Improvement Financing

3. Home Remodeling Loans

4. Financing for home renovations

5. Home Renovation loans

6. House repair loans


Now all these fall under the "Home Improvement" umbrella, but my search query shows a lot of "home remodeling loans" and "home renovation loans". My Ad description does include these keywords as well, but I want to know if anyone would consider peeling "home remodeling" & "home renovation Loans" and sticking them in their own Ad Group.


Thank you for any opinions or suggestions. 

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Peel & Sticking Keywords

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I think that the issue here is loans which is restricted by the Policy;

Before you launch a campaign verify that your site and keywords comply with the Policy;


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Peel & Sticking Keywords

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@Sam M


I'd certainly consider testing it to see if there are any QS improvements. It's something I would do because I like to get as granular as possible when it comes to ad groups.

Re: Peel & Sticking Keywords

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This campaign has been approved and follows Google policies for financial services such as home improvement loans. Disclosure is located directly on landing page. 


Thank you for the concern. Would you happen to have any suggestions or opinions on my actual post?