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Paying way over estimated top page bid

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I have an ad group that's quite literally driving me crazy.


All keywords within the ad group have keywords with a 10/10 QS. The CTR is high.


Yet for whatever reason, the est top page bid is £6 but to get to #1, I am paying about £11! 


I have some theories of my own, but interested to see what ideas you guys have?

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Re: Paying way over estimated top page bid

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Hi @RealMaverick the answer is really in the question.  The estimated top page bid is just that, an estimate, not a firm and 100% reliable figure.  These estimates (top of page and first page) can vary quite a lot in how "accurate" they are when it comes to application in the real world and my advice is always to treat them as a rough guide and use your real-world data to make important decisions.



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Re: Paying way over estimated top page bid

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Hi Paul,

I agree with Jon, that number is just an estimate and may not reflect reality.

Also, important thing is how other advertisers and somehow inflating the average CPC. If everyone starts bidding so high for a specific keyword, a lot of people will have to keep up, event you have 10/10 QS and high CTR%^.

But remember that "HIGH" CTR% is relative. You have room to optimize your CTR, do it, because event a small increase can help your bidding.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click