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Paying google lots of money for no conversions

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How can I be sure my ads are being viewed when I receive nothing but stats?   When you are paying and getting no results what is the next step.

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Re: Paying google lots of money for no conversions

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Hello Comelia,

Adwords is interesting thing. If you paying then doesn't mean you will get profit of it. You need to know why you are not getting leads.

Most of the times ad rank and landing page playing major role in this. But still i'll suggest to know many things such as Pricing, Your Privacy policy etc....Ex.....You are selling a product in 10$ and other competitors less than 10$.

You need to analyze your campaign which require experience by doing lot of reading, discussion and experiments.

Hope this helps. Let us know in brief if you are not satisfied with the answer. I
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Re: Paying google lots of money for no conversions

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Good morning.


If you are not getting conversions with your advertising, you need to analyze the process from the start.


Double-check your keywords--are you using  keywords very closely related to your conversion action with match types that filter out other or unwanted searches?


Double-check your ads--are they clear about your offering and do they give searchers on your keywords a reason to click through to your website?


Double-check your landing page(s)--is something offered or implied by your keywords or your ads that doesn't appear on the landing page(s)? Are you offering and your terms clear? Go through the conversion process yourself to make sure the process is quick and smooth.



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Re: Paying google lots of money for no conversions

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Hi Comelia,

its probably worth doing a full check of your account, there are always giveaways as to where the campaigns aren't working.

1. Check you are getting good levels of impressions, if not, maybe change your match types or look at adding new keywords to increase Impressions
2. Check your CTR, if this is poor there are a number of things you can do: Improve keyword QS. If average position is poor then maybe look at increasing your bid slightly. Check your ad text, is it relevant to the keywords in the adgroup it is serving?
(I am assuming that you are getting the clicks as you are spending money and seeing no return)
This would suggest a number of issues.
3. check that conversion tracking is working. (pretty obvious but it does happen!)
4. As Theresa said, landing pages need to be relevant, to the ad that drives the traffic to it. I would recommend some Landing page optimisation. if you have time, check this:

5. Really build out a negative list that will stop people wasting your budget, I cannot stress how important a negative list is, check your matched search queries in analytics!!

Cheers and Good Luck!


Re: Paying google lots of money for no conversions

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Hi Comelia J,


The simple answer to your question is

1) If you are not trained enough then you need a if you are not trained enough certified Google Adwords professional consultant/agency to manage your Adwords Campaigns.

 Because every click is paid & it counts.



Try these

a) Run a search query report sothat you would come to know are the search queries really relevant enough to the the queries triggered the keywords for your campaigns.

b) Also go through Google Analytics reports carefully especially visitors flow. Check pagewise bounce rate & make favorable changes in webpages. Such changes makes it easy for site visitors to get for which they have visited your site through paid click.


Let me know if you need further help from me.


happy to help you