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Pausing Keywords

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Does anyone know if you can edit individual display network keywords without affecting the search network keywords? I have tried going to campaign>display network>display keywords tab but there does not seem anyway to edit individual keywords, all I can find is the edit column on the lefthand of keywords with the green button to either enable or pause all keywords, but no individual keyword edit as on the main campaign keywords tab.


Even if I click on pause all keywords, some keywords still show as "managed" in the status column, which is quite annoying as it appears I cannot even pause the entire display network without going to the campaign settings .

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September 2015

Re: Pausing Keywords

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Hi Tim, Keywords in any Campaign that targets both Search and Display share the same Keywords so there's no way to edit one and not the other.  In the past there used to be a "Display Network Bid" option but this has been retired for legacy Search and Display Campaigns and the new Search and Display Select Campaigns automatically adjust display bids.


To be honest, if you need to control your Display Keywords, you'd probably do well to run separate Campaigns for Search and for Display.



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