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Pausing Ads Devastated My Campaign

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Greetings! I have 10 ad groups in my campaign -- each with 3-4 ads per ad group -- and I've been monitoring the performance of these ads for the past month. After gathering what I felt like was enough data, I recently decided to pause the ineffective ads and keep 1 "winning ad" for each ad group (based on the # of conversions). This is a pretty standard way to go about optimizing your ad copy I believe, but pausing the ineffective ads has completely devastated my account. I have not received any conversions for the past week (I was getting around 10/day before that). Can someone explain what is going on here? Did I make too drastic a change all at once, throwing off the account history? I'd also appreciate advice on what I should do going forward. Should I enable the paused ads again? Or should I just proceed with making new ad copy? 

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Pausing Ads Devastated My Campaign

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Instead of ad copies, try analyzing the keywords and pause the ones which are consuming budget and change the match type of those which are giving conversion at high cost.

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Pausing Ads Devastated My Campaign

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Hi there firstly there could be a whole multitude of things going on here. Key starting points I would look at are:


How often were your other adverts served? Did they have an equal impression share?


What are / were your ad rotation setting? In some cases where you have the setting "optimise for conversions" it will often take the first advert that converted.


How many of the adverts you paused had a call to action / unique selling point / offer in them? Did this influence your outcome? 


Have you connected your Adwords account to your Google Analytics account?  If so you can break down some core user behaviour in relation to your adverts - things like bounce rate and pages per session are key here. 


Did you change any of your ad extensions too? 


What were the conversions - were these calls, email enquiries form fills - could this be seasonal?


Have there been any recent competitors to the market that have undercut your prices / offerings 


Actions moving forward:


I'd re-enable the adverts and make sure your campaign setting are set to "rotate indefinitely" and trial for a period of time this will depend on your KPI's. If you look at your historical cost per acquisition and run to 3x times this amount this should be a good indication of whether it is working or not. 


You are right to pause the worst performing adverts, but I'd always be testing multiple advert variations in there. If you know what didn't work take what does and try out some different variations with new things to really get a feel for what converts.