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Pause a keywords on weekends?

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I would like to know if I should pause a particular keyword on weekends to conserve its average CTR? Will pausing affect my campaign negatively in any way?



  • One of my campaigns has 3 keywords. Two of these perform well (>2% avg. CTR), while the other is not fantastic, but still gives me a positive ROI (~1.8% avg. CTR).
  • Searches for all keywords drops on Saturdays, as does the CTR, especially for the not so great keyword (~0.8% CTR)
  • I am wondering if pausing this not so great keyword on Saturdays would be beneficial? It would increase my average long-term CTR for it, no?
  • This keyword is also much more competitive, and despite having a 7 QS, bids are higher than I want to pay for top 3 spot. 


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Re: Pause a keywords on weekends?

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Hi there;

A few  points to remember her:

  • Expected CTR is being used to calculate QS is different from the  actual CTR you see on the UI.
  • The CTR used  for QS calculation takes into account only scenarios   when the keyword was exactly matched the search term; (and again is different from the actual CTR shown on the UI).
  • Paused keywords will keep their last scores at the time  they were lost were active, until a new scores are calculated. 

Read more about expected CTR:




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