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PPC Landing Optimization for conversions

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Hi guys!


Do you optimize the landing page to upgrade the quality of your accounts? What do you optimize and how?

Do you prefer using domains or subdomains?


This question is part of the #AdWordsTC series where Top Contributors and RS from around the world drop their adwords tips on twitter too. Everyone is welcome to answer here or in the twitter threat.


Thank you!

PPC Landing Optimization for conversions

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Hi @MaiMolina


1. You can optimize your Landing Page and for this:


    a) Should be Mobile Friendly

    b) Engaging Content

    c) Quick Query Form

    d) Much Relevant To The Ad (Which you create in the campaign)


2. According to me, there is no big difference to choose domain or subdomain because whenever the Ad show on the Google search user only clicks on the relevant result. So you must have to focus on Landing Page and Ad quality.


This is my view.




Re: PPC Landing Optimization for conversions

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Hi @Aslam S,


thank you very much for answering. 


This is what other experts + Google official account answered on twitter.


@Adwords: Hi Maite, we recommend having engaging and mobile-friendly landing pages to improve the Quality Scores of your keywords. Here's an article with some more tips- . -Akhil 


@Spencerwade We normally Modify the Headline, Copy, CTA, Navigation, Colors & Trust symbols to name a few all are great ways to test & improve quality.


@jlcarballo10 Speed and mobile optimization. When I speak with my Google Account manager she gives progressively more importance. Furthermore, the typical things: Kws, metas, etc  


@Akostic_t It usually goes with SEO but mostly load speed times and landing page content (title, H1, description). Also creating new LP if necessary.


@Remora Page Speed, keyword on key points of the landing (meta, Hx, titles), a correct landing structure...


@maimolina_ Which % of importance do you consider de optimization of the landing page have?


@CarlosDavid_MKT  If you sell services, the percent comes to 50% because the difference between having or not the landing page optimized, could be 50% more conversions. 


@rafa_jimenez Are we also doing Conversion Rate Optimization then? Should we get paid for it too? Or do we include in the fee?


@CarlosDavid_MKT If we create the website it's included. If we don't, then we we get paid for it and the price for the set up for the adwords account is also higher.


@rafa_jimenez Cool!


@CarlosDavid_MKT But is also important to know if the landing is specific for AdWords or if they also want to use it for SEO. Because, in the first option, the content will be specifically designed and optimized to get the attention of the customer and make him/her fill the contact form, and that concretion makes it more difficult for rank in SEO.


@maimolina_ And what about a remix PPC+SEO landing page with drop-down texts and forms at strategic points?


@CarlosDavid_MKT That's another option, it could be a small microsite with services tabs, maintaining the structure on each tab.


@maimolina_ On landing pages focused on obtaining contacts, I prefer as less leakage points as possible. Contextualised landing pages for adwords algorithm but always the contact form on the focus.


@CarlosDavid_MKT That's the point. I wouldn't include RRSS icons or similar either.


@maimolina_ What about these examples? (I miss more keywords in here)

or More info here, here, here...... XD!


@remora Hahahahha! If everything is important, then nothing is


@anaberges Everything that is good for SEO is good for SEM too. Google uses the same standards. Mobile has now a huge impact, between 50% and 70% of the total.


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Re: PPC Landing Optimization for conversions

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Welcome @MaiMolina