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PPC Campaign Strategy?

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Please tell me specific Seven things about your PPC Campaign Strategy, in the order of priority.

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Re: PPC Campaign Strategy?

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Hi Rishi,


Welcome to the community...!


Here is my top 7.


Keywords & Match Type
Ad groups
Landing Pages
Bids & Budget
Campaigns & Settings
Conversion Tracking



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Re: PPC Campaign Strategy?

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Hello Rishi,


I am not sure what exactly you asking. Its honestly depends on Business. I have a different strategy for my different clients.

It's really hard to say seven strategy coz in that case I would say Approprite Negative Keywords, Correct bids budget to Maintain Average Position, Correct Match Types. Proper Adcopies etc.

I can not just follow on one strategy, according to performance many times I test different strategies. I can only tell here what all Analysis I do and start any campaign. Initial Strategy I can tell.

I consider folowing whenever I start with any client:

First: I look at landing Page and analyze conversion events. What is client goal. How I can track convesion in events. sometimes there are form, some calls, sometimes live chat sometimes all.

Second: I look for audience, which kind of audience I am targeting, who are all in my competition. Here I get Idea of LOcation and Language Targeting. I also do some research here to get some Ideas about CPC.

Third: I think of budget I am willing to spend or sometimes client also allot specific budget to test adwords. Also As I having estimated idea of cpc. my next step is

Fourth: I would first decide on Google Network, I would start with. It depends project wise for me. Sometimes I start with both network. sometimes I start with only Search. Or Only Display. At the same time I also see if I want to exclude search partners or run both and analyze performance after sometime.

Fifth: I think of all campaign settings such as device targeting, if I need ad scheduling etc etc.

Sixth:  I Prepare rough draft of my campaign structure according to the budget & other research I have done so far. This can include one campaign for highly targeted keywords one on secondary keywords. Depends purely on project. With less budget I can not to plan large set of keywords and so many campaigns.

Seventh: Positive & Negative Keywords & their Match types. (I generally go with BMM, Phrase and exact for positive keywords). Adcopies, if we have some offer to flaunt in adcopy.

Lastly, I think of advance strategies, Remarketing, topic targeting etc.


I hope that makes some sense & that is what you looking for.



Neha Gupta

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Re: PPC Campaign Strategy?

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Deepak I know this hierarchy of the campaign but i want the Strategy how you implemented the Leads and sale Prospective?  

Re: PPC Campaign Strategy?

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Hi Rishi,


Every element of the above mentioned hierarchy is important in creating an effective strategy in lead generation.


Because all those elements mentioned above can impact the quality of traffic coming to your website (except the landing page and conversion tracking).


Once you succeed in driving targeted quality traffic to your website, your landing page (content/design and a lot more) will influence how many leads or sales you generate from that traffic.



Re: PPC Campaign Strategy?

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Hey Rishi,


Could you be more specific. What sort of business are you looking at for a strategy?

As Neha said - every business needs a different strategy.

Also, I kind of agree with Deepak.. the elements he mentioned are the ones that you need to take care of(personally, may not be in that order - but that again depends on the type of business)


>>  ...Strategy how you implemented the Leads and sale Prospective..

Looking at this I assume you want a strategy for a lead based client or an ecom client.


The things I would do:

Setting up the account:

1. Identify target market

2. identify the demographics of your target audience - this affects my choice of keywords and ad copies

3. list out keywords with match type(match types would depend on the search volumes for that keyword and the CPCs along with what I expect to get back out of that keyword - RoI)

4. Write ad copies - More action oriented/having a strong call to action - for example - Register today!, BuyNow! etc..

5. Do an analysis of what my competitors are doing(landing pages, kind of ads etc)


Conversion tracking

1. Identify my conv element(form fill, purchase etc..)

2. ensure that my conv tracking is in place (if its ecom - I'd set up revenue tracking as well, Google Analytics)

3. Ensure that all my URLs are properly tagged so as to capture the data correctly


Once I start getting performance data:


1. Based on:

   a. Conversions

   b. Revenue

   c. CPCs

2. Addition of negative and positive keywords - from the search terms report

3. Testing different match types for keywords

4. Testing more ad copies - with different product USPs or a different Call to Action


If you could give us a better understanding of what type of account you are looking at, we would be in a better position to help you strategize for this!


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