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PLAs Negative Keyworsd for Non-Branded Terms?

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We operate PLAs for a few e-commerce clients. They sell specific college football merchandise.


How would one go about targeting "Grey PSU Nike Sweatpants", but eliminating impressions for "Grey Nike Sweatpants".


We're noticing the majority of our impressions are for non-branded keywords. Any suggestions are appreciated, as Google Merchant can't seem to tell the difference.

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September 2015

Re: PLAs Negative Keyworsd for Non-Branded Terms?

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Hello, Jeff.

In general, the closer you can get to the search terms with your product titles, the better. So if "Grey PSU Nike Sweatpants" is your relevant search term, and you have enough traffic for that, use it as a product title in the Merchant feed.

Also, if other search terms are irrelevant and if they occur frequently, make sure to stock your PLA ad groups with loads of exact negative keywords such as [grey nike sweatpants], [grey sweatpants], [nike sweatpants] or any other such keywords which appear and don't have the required PSU in them.

Another thing that can help is to lower the bids, but you'll lose impressions. If you lower your bid you lower your ad rank, and at one point if the product is "Grey PSU Nike Sweatpants" you will no longer show for "Grey Nike Sweatpants". However, you have to be cautious if you do that, because you will lose impressions when you start lowering your bids.

That's just about everything that comes to my mind, currently. Hope it helps.
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