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PLA Optimization

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How can I optimize PLA campaigns, what are the best practices.




Re: PLA Optimization

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Dear Anurag

Follow these simple Tips :
Product targets: Make sure that you've created an "All products" product target to help ensure that all of the products in your product feed are eligible to show with your Product Listing Ads. Keep in mind that you only need to create one "All products" product target for each campaign.

Campaign structure: Try creating separate ad groups for each grouping of products. That way, you can create individual promotional messages or set bids for that group of products. You'll also be able to experiment and see which promotional messages or bids help you meet your advertising goals.

Conversion Tracking: To understand whether clicks are leading to actual sales, we recommend setting up Conversion Tracking for your account. This free tool shows you what happens after people click your ad, whether they purchased your product or signed up for your newsletter. With this information, you can calculate your actual AdWords return-on-investment (ROI). Find out more about conversion tracking in the Next Steps section below.

Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bidding: If you use Conversion Tracking and want to improve your potential for sales and get more value from your budget, consider using enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bidding for your regular Product Listing Ads campaign. ECPC uses your Conversion Tracking data to gauge which clicks seem more likely to lead to conversions, and which ones seem less likely to convert. AdWords then automatically adjusts your bid accordingly, either raising your max. CPC bid (up to 30%), or lowering it.

Apart from above Tiips , Please read following link for more details :

Re: PLA Optimization

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Just to add to the good advice from Shweta B

Here is a Video from Google:

Other videos

You may want to start here:

Hope that helps