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Overlaping Radius Location bid adjustments

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Can someone help explain how this senerio effects bid price


20.0 mi around - 25%
15.0 mi around +  0%
5.0 mi around  + 25%



Re: Overlaping Radius Location bid adjustments

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These are automatic bid adjustments that account for people's location.

-Bids for People within a 20 mile radius will be reduced by 25%
-Bids for people within a 15 mile radius will not be effected.
-Bids for people within a 5 mile radius will in increased 25%

Essentially, this is set up to increase the bid as it reaches people closer to the target.

Re: Overlaping Radius Location bid adjustments

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Hi Kayla

Thank you...I am sorry, I should have been a little clearer in my question....Are these overlapping adjustments stacked in anyway or counter act each other since there done inward and which one takes precedence?

Thanks again

Re: Overlaping Radius Location bid adjustments

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For the inner circle, visitors under 5 miles, white area, +25 %

The green ring shaped area ( between 5 and 15 miles will have its own bid adjustment of 0%

For the outer ring, the space between 15 and 20 miles, the bid adj. is -25%




The smaller included region take precedence.

It is explained here :