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Overall Clicks VS CTR

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Has anyone every done testing or thought about what is better, overall clicks or a high CTR? My thoughts were initially that a keyword with a higher click through rate would be more relevant, and cost less because it should improve the quality score, therefore making it superior to other low CTR words. But today I noticed something interesting. 


Keyword one - 61 clicks and a CTR of .21  costing $50.81 Quality Score 5/10

Keyword two - 62 clicks and a CTR of 1.09 costing $58.30 Quality Score 5/10

(I know these words are a little new and the QS's are terrible I am still working on getting those up)


But by the looks of it the least expensive word should get as many clicks, if not more for the same cost even though it has a low CTR. So keyword one ALMOST seems like a better option to me. What is more effective a high CTR or low cost and lots of clicks?




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Re: Overall Clicks VS CTR

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Hi Kristopher

Cost depends on competition as well, if some competitor is bidding high on keyword 2 then automatically your avg.cpc woud be high for that keyword. Avg. CPC for your keyword 1 is $0.83 where as avg. cpc for keyword 2 is $0.94, that's why the cost for the second keyword is more than the first keyword. I suggest that you look for conversions data as well for these keywords before reaching to any conclusion. And one more suggestion try increasing the CTR for first keyword, this will help you lower your avg. cpc for that hence less less cost.

Hope this helps!


Re: Overall Clicks VS CTR

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It's not about keywords, it's all about the search terms. What are the actual underlying terms users are searching for, in what volume within your targeted area? Who cares about clicks and CTR if you have no conversion strategy? ALL those clicks could be "bad" clicks, regardless of volume or CTR for all you know, without an end game.

What is the goal of your advertising?
What strategies and approaches best achieve that goal?
If topic targeting through the display network for example works best for you, then why bother with KW based search advertising at all?

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Re: Overall Clicks VS CTR

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Hi Kristopher, it's an interesting question, but as the other replies have indicated, it's not a simple one.


CTR is without a doubt, a good indicator of relevance and appeal and I'd always recommend looking for the best CTR you can through the use of keyword match types, negatives and good Ad variations and text.


However, as with all things AdWords, you can't ever really look at one metric in isolation.  There was a discusion here recently about whether to pause low QS Keywords, regardless of their performance, and the agreement was that if a Keyword performs at a profit and, for whatever reason, it has proven impossible to improve QS, then there's no reason to pause.  Likewise, although CTR for a particular Keyword may look like it should be better, if the Keyword is performing well, profitably, then CTR on it's own can't be considered a good reason to act.


Are your example Keywords in the same group?  Could they potentially compete to match against the same search term?  These considerations also come into play.  It's not uncommon to find the same Keyword with different match types returning quite different CTR & CPC figures, and not always in the direction you'd expect.


One final point, 5/10 is not terrible.  Since the change to reported QS last year, Google now largely considers 5/10 to be average (which makes sense) and it's always worth bearing in mind that 10/10 may simply not be possible for any given Keyword.  Your objective should always be to measure ROAS, rather than to focus too much on individual metrics.



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Re: Overall Clicks VS CTR

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Thank you all for your replies

Right now my campaign is search only. I read into display ads and do not think they would work well for our business(but I could be wrong.)
The search radius is 30 miles from our building.
This campaign is for a local used car dealership, and we only have one location.
The keywords are in the same ad group, and are not competing.

That is interesting on that 5/10 is not terrible though. I assumed it wasn't good because of the low number and "below average relevance"

My goal is to get people calling our dealership, emailing, and filling out the online credit app. I am working with the IT people on getting conversion tracking for the credit app. Right now the conversion rate of my whole campaign is 3.33%.

Re: Overall Clicks VS CTR

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Jon, if we want to attract customers to our physical Factory Outlet in Sydney to get consumers make a purchase there rather than to our online store what kind of keywords we should use: all keywords relevant to our products + Sydney or Sydney CBD or just keywords relevant to our products only without adding Sydney and Sydney CBD because our campaign target area is Sydney CBD and we advertise only to Sydney CBD and few other suburbs around Sydney CBD?


Thank you