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Our Google adwords Campaign doesn't work, how can I contact someone?

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We updated an old campaign and put it live at the beginning of last week. However, it didn't work AT ALL, we were at £79 for around 500 clicks but only one registration, what make the registration expensive for us.... We had to pause it when it reached £100 for 1 registration still, as I was unable to contact anyone from Google. I left numerous voice mails on our account manager answerring machine, and the main number was always ringing busy... How can I contact someone in order to try to improve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Our Google adwords Campaign doesn't work, how can I contact someon

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Hi Aytac,


As you're talking in pounds (£) I'll assume you're over my way. If I Google "contact Google adwords" and click on "Adwords support" I get a number available from 9am - 6pm Mon-Fri. I've never found this to be busy.


Are you looking to call them to improve the campaign? To be honest, if that is the case, I'd probably provide a bit more detail and see if anyone here can help.


In all fairness, if you were at 500 clicks on £79 (apx 15p a click) and one registration (I've no idea what they're registering for) I can't see how the ad was too relevant to the page they're being sent to. That's a lot of people wanting to visit your site on account of the ad but when they get there, all but one leaves without registering. Which leads me to also think the landing page may not convert very well. Has the landing page changed since you last ran this campaign and what did you update about the old campaign? How well did this old campaign perform before?


Sorry I can't help more but I need a bit more information.







Re: Our Google adwords Campaign doesn't work, how can I contact someon

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Hi Aytac,


This usually happens when you have too many broad match terms in your ad group or too few negative keywords.


First question is how did the old, un-modified campaign perform? Did you get a good conversion rate?


If you did get a good covnersion rate in the past, what changes did you make when you updated it that caused the converstion rate to drop.


If you did not get a good conversion rate in the past, the changes you did make did not improve the performance.


General approach to fix this:

1. Use BMM (broad match modified) instead of broad match

2. Make good use of phrase and exact match keywords

3. Add appropriate negative keywords using the search terms report to identify them

4. Create smaller, more tighly focused ad groups.


Best of Luck!




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