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Optomize My Campaign and Turn Clicks Into Conversions

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I have set up an ad campaign for an Air Conditioning company; only to appear in Google Search.

I created 3 groups, One to post keywords for service and installation, second one for repair and third one for keywords to include "affordable." Added some negative keywords also. 

All my ads have high quality score. At first I was putting the daily budget to $30. Then after talking to a representative, following her bid strategy and getting numerous tips I switched my daily budget to $100.


For $72 the site only received 7 cliks, this is just out of the roof.

I targeted around Los Angeles County area. I don't believe cost per clicks should be that high for an air conditioning category website. 

I read a lot of AdWords tutorials and I know most of the stuff. There is no room to improve. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Please help me optomize. 

Re: Optomize My Campaign and Turn Clicks Into Conversions

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Welcome to the community!

First of all check the keywords match that you are using. Try to use exact match keywords. I have checked the keyword planner for bid estimation and your are correct, its around $10 for air conditioning industry. My recommendation for you is that you set keyword's max. cpc bid low which suits to your daily budget. It will lead to lower avg. position but it will cost you less than the previous one.

Hope this helps!


Re: Optomize My Campaign and Turn Clicks Into Conversions

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Congratulations on launching your first AdWords Campaign and welcome to the AdWords Community!
From a set-up standpoint, it sounds like you had the right idea - create small, thematic Ad Groups and use Negative Keywords. Unfortunately the CPCs you've received are a function of your Max CPC Bids (or perhaps your Bid Strategy, in this manner) and the current competition in your target market for your Keywords. If you'd prefer not to pay so much per click, I suggest switching to a manual bid strategy, and set your Max CPC Bids to a number you're comfortable paying.
$72 for 7 clicks does a little high to me, but I have seen local contractor advertisers before targeting a specific market have high CPCs. Again, try lowering your CPC Max Bids to a comfortable Bid for your business.
Optimization Suggestions -
Ad Copy refinement - a way to decrease your CPC is to increase your Quality Scores. I know you said they they were high, but perhaps writing new Copy will give you increase CTRs, which can help your Quality Scores go even higher.
Add additional Negatives - Now that you're live and receiving Clicks and Impressions, the Search Terms Report can give you additional suggestions for adding Negative Keywords.
Landing Page Updates - Without looking at your Landing Pages, make sure that the information searchers are looking for is organized in a clean, easy-to-find manner on your Landing Pages. Make sure that searchers know how to contact you and schedule a service call.
Extensions - Since you're a local business, perhaps using Call Extensions and Location Extensions will help increase your local relevancy and help you attract more targeted local traffic.
GDN - Another thing to consider is perhaps a small, contextually targeted GDN Campaign. Often times contextual targeting can lead to increased reach (Impressions) and sometimes lower CPCs than Google Search.
Bids - I'd lower my Max CPC bids to a number you're comfortable paying. I'd still try to appear on the first page of Google Search, but try decreasing your Bids.
These are only my suggestions, but hopefully they can help give you leads from AdWords.