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Optimizing Captive Insurance Agents Account

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What is the best way to optimize a captive insurance agents account? Any tips would be greatly appreciated

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September 2016

Re: Optimizing Captive Insurance Agents Account

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Howdy Jillian -


I have a lot of experience working with independent insurance agencies - and I think a lot of the optimizations on that side would be true for captive agents as well.


Here are a few simple optimizations & strategy suggestions I would make:


1) Make sure you enable call extensions. I found that a lot of people looking for insurance will pick up the phone and call rather than fill out a web form. Add calls extensions to your ads and track them on your landing pages too.


2) Implement negative keywords as often as you can. Keep people away that are looking for jobs and other financial services.


3) Use extended text ads (ETA's) and all of the ad extensions available to you (sitelinks, structured snippets, callouts, call extensions). The insurance space is very competitive, so having a quality ad is vital.


4) Definitely set up remarketing lists. If your agent sells home, auto and life - set up a list for each product and remarket to customers based on their interests.


Hope these suggestions are useful!


Ben Jamieson