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Optimizing Bids Based On Analytics Goals

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I have 3 Goals setup in Analytics which track the following actions:


1. Newsletter signup

2. Inquiry form submitted

3. Buyer


It is very convenient to review keywords in Adwords and look at the "Conversions" column and see what the conversion rate is for a particular keyword.


However, it just occurred to me, since I have 3 Goals, that all 3 Goals will report as conversions in the Adwords interface.


Since the only conversion that brings me money is the "Buyer", I'm thinking the "newsletter" and "inquiry" will skew the data and I won't be able to see the true CPA.


How do people handle this?


Do they simply setup only one Goal that is the most important such as "Buyer"?


Or, do they run keyword conversion reports in Analytics and adjust bids from there?


I ask because it seems like the most simple thing to do is simply look at the conversions in the regular Adwords interface and then make optimization decisions from there.

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Re: Optimizing Bids Based On Analytics Goals

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Hi Paul,

1. The simplest way for you to achieve your goal, could be to set the conversion value of "Buyer" to $1.00 while leaving the field blank for "Newsletter signup" and "Inquiry form submitted". Under such a scenario, you would get the required counts per keyword if you add the Conversion Value column to the keyword report.

To set the value of a particular conversion type, click Conversions under the upper Tools tab, select the conversion type in question and click on Edit settings on the next page. (You can avail yourself of the solution if you don't use conversion values for other purposes, like e.g. automated bidding strategies.)


2. Note that you may also want to click on Conversion name under the Segment tab which will give you a proper segmentation of the keyword report. However, the resultant report table is not really easy to handle unless you download it and are savvy with excel.