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Hi all,


I need your expertise on the optimization of my keywords in my account. Let me make things clear with an example:


Keyword: "a panda" --> CTR --> 3.48% 


When I compare the CTR on this word to last month I have an 32% drop in CTR.

My quality score is good and my ads are being published. 


What can I do to improve the CTR of this keyword? Is there anything I can do?


* Add a "+" in front of every word (+a +panda)?  --> this will improve even more my QS but it will have an effect on my CTR as this one will be at 0% again. This will then influence the CTR of my account, right? Smiley Sad

* Leave the word that way and concentrate on adding new keywords?

* "Pause" the keyword?


Could you please give me your advice as I'm a bit stuck here :-/


Thanks all!



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Re: Optimize CTR

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Is it possible to screenshot the Dimensions Tab, to analyze your campaign performance.  This will help us investigate the factors affecting your CTR and see which correlates which. 


Please include the last 30 days:


  • clicks
  • impressions
  • click through rate
  • average cpc
  • cost
  • average position
  • impression share
  • lost is (rank)

 More Power,


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Re: Optimize CTR

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Hey Julie,


Have your impression dropped too?

is your keyword "a panda" in phrase match? if it is, please add a new broad match keyword <a +panda>... these are called Broad Match Modified keywords.. its a type of broad match. You should read about the implementation of this match type here to give you a better understanding.


CTR maybe an important factor but it is not the only factor in deciding your QS. Ad relevance is very important. Is there a way you could make your ads more appealing to the user? Try putting in your primary keyword in your headline or try using Dynamic Keyword Insertion(DKI) in your ads. This will help your users relate to your ads and probably click on them more often thereby increasing your CTR.


Adding more keywords is always recommended. If your keyword was a broad matched keyword, run a search terms report for the word and see the actual queries that treiggered your ads. you could pick out more keywords from here and add them to your list.


Addition of Negative Keywords helps reducing your impressions for irrelevant terms as well.


Hope this helps!



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