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Hi Community,


I have sent my first website live and would really like your input how to do better, I thought I had fully optimized the site but I think not as it is not doing very well at all. I wondered if possable if you could view and recommened any adjustments to be made. 


Thank you kindly in advance for any help and input.


(Please be gentle it's my first time) Smiley Happy

Re: Optimization

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Says site not published...

Re: Optimization

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Hi Eric G


That is because the link contains a %20 at the end


Try this link


I am looking forward to read your experienced feedback.


@Carla M

My suggestions :

- make the Google+ link functional

- add google analytics to the page

- add a page with a simple online form to allow visitors to send you inquires 24/7


This is the AdWords forum. Are you planning to use AdWords to advertise this site ?

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Re: Optimization

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Optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is based on On Site factors and Off site factors.

1) Search the keyword terms in your area you assume customers would use to find your service, Make not of those terms, those are your keywords. No Look at the top website that come up 1-5 in the organic search results (no ads). Look how they are utilizing a lot of content and writing. Not just a Blurb.

If you don't use terms that people will search for on your website, There is no way it will show
up in the search engines,

In order to rank for specific keywords they have to strategically appear on your site. Start with your title tags :
<title>Newgrowth Home |nggs</title> No one is searching for NNGS nor Newgrowth HOME because that means nothing to people searching for your services.

The title sets the tone of what keywords you are attempting to rank for. You are allowed approximately 66 total spaces. For your business you should use Geo Targeted keywords.

Content: You content on the home page is extremely light. Your content should give a full explanation of WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY about your business. The more words and content the Better. People will only find the site in search if there is enough data point for them to find. Reiterate your keywords you created for your services.

Your tag Line - New Growth cover's a 20 mile radius of Fleet, Hampshire.
Consider: We Provide Gardening Services in Fleet, Hampshire and surrounding (name of areas)

Add Schema Data Markup for your Business Address.

Alt tags for images. These should utilize keywords as well and be to the point. One of your images the alt is alt="Home page picture of watering can and three&nbsp; potted flowers"
A better Alt Tag would be "Fleet, Hampshire UK Gardening Services"

Your call to action Phone number should also be at the top of your page along with your business address.

You left out the Https;// in your G+ link.

Make a optimized pages with a lot of content for each one of your services. Ie Fencing has it's own page with 750- 2000 words about the Fencing , 750- 2000 words about Gardening Maintenance. etc.

There is a million more things, so best your learn about SEO from or

Re: Optimization

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Thank you so much for your time and thoughtful answer, much appreciated and will be implemented asap.
Thank you.