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Optimization of Spending

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So to put it short, I have a daily budget of $800. I advertise on GSN and GDN and below are the data I have per day. (Disclamer: These figures are exaggerated but within the same ratio)

               Impressions      Max Possible Impressions         CTR         CR         CPC
GSN         25,000                          25,000                                   10%         2%        $0.20

GDN         60,000                          80,000                                    5%          1%        $0.10

As you can see I spend $500 for the GSN and $300 for GDN. So I was wondering how I could tweak it a bit to get a higher conversion rate without over or underspending. Thank you very much!

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Re: Optimization of Spending

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There are many factors that come into play to increase your CR (Conversion Rate) including optimizing your ads, keywords, targeting options and landing page.

One of the simplest ways for both GSN and GDN is to turn on conversion optimizer when AdWords has gathered sufficient sales data. There will be a notifications tab inside the AdWords interface when this happens. By setting up a CPA Goal for conversion optimizer AdWords will go out and try to optimize on your behalf.

For GDN you also have an additional option for display optimization that can be turned on inside the Targeting options of your Adgroups. You have two choices, Conservative and Aggressive.

Conservative targeting: find additional customers, at your target CPA
Aggressive targeting: discover even more customers, around your target CPA (Display Campaign Optimizer)



Re: Optimization of Spending

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For many advertisers the improvements in conversion rates are not buried within the AdWords configuration - but standing in plain site on their website.

We should remember that the ads are just that.... ads. Their objective is to reach people interested in your product/service and bring them to your site.

Provided they are well targeted and, thereby, pre-qualified to a degree, the ads' job is done at that point and the website must take over.

The easy winds are generally found through conversion rate optimisation on the page. If you can improve that then you get extra ROI for no extra spend.