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Optimization for Adgroups

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I have long tail keywords that have the following words:
 outsource, outsourcing, outsourced..  



1. Should I create an ad group with each of these keywords?

2. Can I place all these keywords in just one adgroup?

3. Should I only create a keyword with outsource and google will display my add with the other two (outsourcing, outsourced)

4. What about plurals should I create plurals for my keywords. I usually use long tail keywords with phrase and exact match. I never use Broad in my campaigns.. That is the reason why I am wondering this.


thank you

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September 2015

Re: Optimization for Adgroups

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Hi Vivian,

I would imagine broad match would include all those variants. To be sure, you can check the Ad Preview Diagnostic Tool after using one of those variants in a keyword.

And of course you can also look at your search term reports once live. And in using broad match in particular this is always a good idea!

So I would start off assuming broad match would cover these, and then check. This would cover your wondering if you should make separate Ad Groups.

Exact match will include VERY close variants, such as misspellings

Look into "broad modified" keywords as well. I think you'll find this handy, especially with long-tail keywords!

Let me know if this helps!

-Justin Fuchs