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One day fast and next week performance diminishes!

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This one strange thing I have seen everytime I have tried to make changes.


For a day or two the performance, traffic, sales all increase in good way getting more conversions for me. Then I decide to put some more ads into the campaigns, or add more campaigns, or increase the budget or make some keywords modification. The moment I do any of it, the performance on next day goes down to almost zero. Even at times the ads do show up on google when I check but conversion etc all down.


Interestingly the budget keeps going down as its a usual conversion day but no performance.


1) Is it that I should not make any change in ads whatsoever when they are performing good

2) I mean in a month if I am getting good conversions only for few days then what might be wrong

3) Do I need to wait for changes to start taking effect in a day or two and do not expect anything. If so then how many days.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: One day fast and next week performance diminishes!

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Hi Chris,


AdWords optimization is a pretty complex process where you need to have informed data before you make bulk changes to your account.


As per my experience, if you make any changes to the campaign in terms of keywords, ad copies need to give it sometime before you start seeing how it has impacted your account overall.


I would also suggest not to make bulk changes everyday because that might alter the momentum AdWords has picked up when you start seeing the results in your account.


Although it is good to keep a watch on Search Terms every day or may be alternate days depending upon how heavy the account is in terms of traffic.


But to add the keywords, changing match types frequently might disturb the equilibrium. And I think that could be the reason of conversions going down.


Also, I would suggest you to run various reports like hour of the day report, Day of the Week report for some healthy time period and try to make some pattern out of it and see if what permutation/combination is working and what not. Based on those stats, it would be easy for you to may be make the changes like ad schedule etc...


Also check what ad rotation settings you have and if you have enough conversions, then try to keep the option of optimize for conversions. This would result in showing converted ad copies quite often on Google.


You can also go through these essential tips for more info:



Re: One day fast and next week performance diminishes!

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Hi Chris

Basically one of the main reasons why you notice this is because once you have ran your adcopy for quite sometime, thats when you get orders as most customers don't tend to make a purchase as soon as they click your ad. They would convert after a couple of days which is why the longer you run the ad, the more performance you get.

A lot of history gets accumulated for this specific campaign and making changes would just mess up the good history the campaign already has.

I have noticed the similar in my accounts and i usually don't change the ads or keywords for a performing campaign. The most I would do is add more keywords based on search terms.

So the solution would be, do not disturb the performing campaigns by making a lot of changes rather you could add more into the existing to drive more traffic.

Hope this helps

Selvin K